Organization Annoucement from the desk of Donnie Wheeler

Organization Annoucement from the desk of Donnie Wheeler:

It is my distinct honor and privilege to announce the naming of Phillip and Niki Schoggen as Directors of All Star Sports.


Although this family has been serving behind the scenes for just over three years,  they continue to willingly fill in the ever evolving roles that we are experiencing within the growth of Refuge Memphis.

Phillip drives for Shower of Blessings and draws upon his Technical Director of the Landers Center experiences to provide maintenance upgrades, and consultations to both Refuge Memphis and The House Media Department.

Niki, whose day job is currently the Executive Assistant to Terry Lynch for The Southland Companies, Full Charge Bookeeper for Walls Limousine Service, Inc. and Southern Pawn and Jewelry. She also voluntarily  serves as  the Gala Director for Monogram Loves Kids Foundation for the past five years, where she was able to raise enough money for Monogram Foods to give away just over one million dollars in grant money last year alone. In her spare time, she is enrolled in the 7M University, Charis Bible College Online, and serves as Manna Registration Team Leader, Executive Assistant to Donnie Wheeler, President/Executive Director of Refuge Memphis, as well as the creator of The Ninja Weekly newsletter, Website coordinator, Social Media Manager, Marketing and Communications.

Both Memphis natives, they have combined just over 30 years experience in professional sports venue management, special events, live shows, as well as participating in baseball, track & field, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and cheer/dance, where they were each team captains.  We will let you guess who did what! They have both coached, kept books, and rooted for amazing kids over the 14 years they have been married.

Their vision for the revitialization of All Star Sports includes supporting the Ace League, and incorporating youth, young adults, college and career, singles, marrieds, and anyone in between to engage in the expansion of new sports like volleyball, soccer, boxing, and baseball.  It is their desire to bring players from all walks of life in the same league, offering scholarships to those who qualify, so that the unlikeliest of friendships and bonds can be forged over something as wonderful as playing a game.
Anyone who has been on a team for very long in a sport that they love knows that your teammates become your family. Not everyone is blessed with proper family structure nor have family living here. This type of belonging is very much needed no matter the social status. Alone is alone, but not for long.

Together they have two older sons, Matthew and Blake, who are both expecting babies, making Phillip a grandfather of three. Hayden, Golden Glove Champ, is graduating from Arlington High School next week and will be attending Bryan University in June. He will be splitting his time between teaching youth boxing at Memphis Judo & Jusitsu and starting youth boxing classes here at Refuge Memphis.  Alexis is not only a great daughter in the 8th grade, but she also plays lacrosse and is the program director for Refuge Kids Operation Perseverance and serves on the Manna registration team.

Please join me in welcoming Phillip and Niki to their new roles at Refuge Memphis.